PropDispatch has allowed us to organize our last mile to significantly decrease the landed cost of proppant across all basins. It is the future of proppant logistics management.

Ron Gusek

President of Liberty Oilfield Services, LLC


PropDispatch is the last mile proppant management software of choice by three of the largest oilfield service companies in the US. Our platform is utilized across every major shale basin of North America and Canada. Our team understands the problems and demands of time-sensitive proppant logistics. It is from this experience that we created a technology that transforms the last mile proppant supply chain from an overwhelmingly inefficient and costly operation to a centralized platform that allows real-time visibility, enhanced automation and increased profitability.

Our technology was the first of its kind in 2014 and today maintains the largest market share serving all participants with a stake in last mile proppant delivery. E&P’s, oilfield service companies, sand suppliers, logistics service providers, terminals, carriers and drivers all benefit from the network effect of a common communication platform and real-time streaming data with which to base decisions on.

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Unleash The Data

Gain instant access to real-time data for more effective planning, decision-making, reporting and vendor management.


Maximize Utilization

Reduce the landed cost of proppant up to 25% with real-time visibility and data on turn times, driver performance, terminal congestion and demurrage.

maximize utilization

100% Client Retention

PropDispatch is proud to state that we have retained every customer since the inception of the software.

Client Retention
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We were able to detect potential downtime risks and change policy before any negative consequences. The efficiency opportunities reduced our load cycle times by 54%.

- Oilfield service company executive

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