Our Product

Fully Automated

Automate the process of ordering, dispatching, hauling, tracking, reconciling and invoicing proppant. On-demand ordering, dispatching and viewing flexibility from anywhere via smart phone.

Map Dispatch

Efficiently dispatch drivers based on location and proximity to pull points.

Real-time Visibility

React to bottlenecks in real-time instead by leveraging the constant flow of data across the entire last mile supply chain.

Offline Functionality

Zero system downtime when there is poor or no cellular service available.

PropDispatch connects all parties to increased efficiencies and lower costs

Introducing Next Generation PropDispatch

The future of PropDispatch is coming soon. With a more robust back-end system, users will have access to new features and scalability across all vendors and user groups.

New features and functionality includes load tracking and mapping, geo-fencing, advanced analytics, revamped driver features, SAP integration, multi-tenant functionality, improved terminal interface and much more.

Click here to contact our team about Next Generation features and deployment.

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